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Hiring a Caregiver or Nanny from the Philippines

(on a Direct Hire Basis)

Meet Lani

Consultant, Special Projects (POEA)

[email protected], through its parent, The Catalyst Group, is able to complete 

a smooth immigration process for families hiring a Nanny from the Philippines.    As the fully accredited POEA agency in Bermuda, we are able to provide the necessary exit visas to allow your caregiver to arrive in Bermuda on a fully compliant basis. 


Call us today at 295 5533 or 824 POEA (7632) to set an appointment to meet with Lani.   Lani can help with exit pass, OEC, US Visa and the preparation of a POEA compliant employment contract.

Email:      [email protected]

Tel:            824 POEA (7632)

Hours:      Mondays- Fridays 8:30am - 4:30pm