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Scroll this page to meet excellent cadre of carers available as on call sitters and in some instances, available for a full time nanny/housekeeper placement.   All Carers are fully CPR / First Aid certified.  Many hold the SCARS certificate and specialist childcare qualifications.     We live the creed Trusted. Experienced. Caring!   

Sitters & Nannies - March 2019 (Available Via Contract & On Call Sitter Support)

Aida (FT)

With over 20 years of caregiver experience and stemming from a family of caregivers , Aida offers  a comprehensive solution.

Aida has worked in Bermuda as both a Nanny and a caregiver for seniors with specific experience working with dementia patients.  Aida extends the family legacy as she has two sisters working in Bermuda as Nannies and two Brothers working as Caretakers. Aida holds a TESDA Caregiver / Housekeeper certification and First Aid/ CPR / Basic Life Support certifications. She also holds a Bermuda driver's licence and is more than comfortable with the Bermuda landscape given more than 10 years of work on the island in a sole charge capacity.  Strong swimmer.   Excellent cook.   

Fully Scheduled Days with limited evening and weekend availability.   

She holds a valid drivers license.

Registered for SCARS June 8. 

Crystal (PT)

New to [email protected], Crystal brings a lot more than "life experience" to her role as PT Child Caregiver / Housekeeper to the group.    Caring and passionate Bermudian with a natural love of children and all things Bermuda!     Lives centrally and available for day and evening sits.  

Working on Bermuda drivers license. Fully First Aid, CPR.  Registered for SCARS June 8. 

Gina (FT)

The brightest of attitudes, Gina is a pleasure to know!    Gina epitomizes all that we love about our carers who hail from afar.  Full of love, compassion and a sense of giving and service is what makes her a treasure for the families she supports. 

Gina is mother to a 4 year old and has a way with kids that can only be attributed to her calming deportment.  


Gina has some capacity for days 9am - 4pm only and evenings.  Does not currently hold a drivers license.  Fully First Aid, CPR & SCARS certified. 

Lives Hamilton Parish.

Shanna (FT)

New to [email protected], Shanna brings more than 12 years of caregiver experience to the clients of CAH.   

Mother of 3, 14, 11 and 2 years, Shanna has tons of personality and is very genuine in deport and action. Very caring, passionate and humble.    Particularly fond of newborn engagements, Shanna is currently engaged fully through end April with a newborn family in St Georges.  

Open to new full time placement as of 31 August, 2019.  

Is a driver and currently working on Bermuda drivers license.  Fully First Aid, CPR.  Exceptional English language proficiency. 

Most recently qualified as a Certified Tourism Ambassador! 

Evelyn (FT)

New to [email protected], Evelyn brings more than 10 years experience as a caregiver / housekeeper.   Mother to 3 grown children, Evelyn has a style and way about her that lets you know she will get the job done!  Good housekeeper currently taking drivers lessons.   Limited availability given current long term contracting with a family in Pembroke.   


Working on Bermuda drivers license.    Fully First Aid, CPR. Good English language proficiency. 

Jade (FT)

Jade is a fully certified Nanny / Housekeeper and has worked for families in the Philippines, Cyprus and Qatar where she maintained full sole charge responsibility for all aspects of childcare. Not the loudest personality, but a certain still confidence and competence that our parents particularly appreciate for newborns to toddlers where care that is both experienced and gentle is required.

With more than 10 years professional experience and with two children of her own, Jade is a favorite with 3-4 families that she regularly supports and is often requested by name.    Particular comfort with newborns and very young infants.  Jada is fully certified holding a nursing aide certificate, Red Cross, First Aid and Basic Life Support certifications.   On valid work permit.

Generally open for day and night engagements.   No drivers license for car.  But rides scooter. 

Lives Warwick. 

Lori (HK & CC) 

Married to a Bermudian, Lori has made her home in Bermuda for more than 15 years and has held a number of cleaning/ caregiving roles.   Mother to 5 adult children, but maintains the strength, energy and vitality of a new bride! 

Lots of personality. Strong references.   Gets around on a scooter.   Availability generally Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays currently and some evening availability for office cleans. 

Fully First Aid, CPR & SCARS certified.

Tesha (FT)

Tesha has a natural talent with children!   Very easily establishes a rapport with kids of all ages.   Just has a way about her that makes her a special member of the CAre team! 

Tesha has worked in Bermuda as a professional nanny for more than 8 years; has excellent references and is an excellent cook and a better than exceptional cook! 

Good sole charge.  Currently supports a special needs family in Smiths.   Fully scheduled days with some evening and weekend availability.   Holds valid drivers license and has her own car. 

Fully First Aid, CPR & SCARS certified.

Dominique (FT)** 

More Details Coming Soon!

Gonna like this one!   

Well educated with nursery school experience.

**Pending Immigration Approval. Accepting inquiries for September 2019 placement.

Mayra (FT)**

More Details Coming Soon! 

Trained as an Engineer and wait for it...as a Caregiver, where her love of people particularly children supported now an impressive career as a Child Caregiver / Nanny principally in the Philippines! 

Married with children of her own.  New to Bermuda. 

Fully First Aid, CPR & SCARS certified.

**Pending Immigration Approval.  Accepting inquiries for September 2019 placement. 

Mhyrlee (PT)

Fully First Aid, CPR & SCARS certified.   Has own transportation.  

Most recently qualified as a Certified Tourism Ambassador! 

Mother to 6 year old boy.

Very good, resourceful "get it done" personality type.   Very active lifestyle with an obvious zest for people and life.  She epitomizes what Care is all about.  Its not a feeling, its a lifestyle. 

Mhrylee has capacity for afternoon and weekend engagements. 

Melanie (PT)

Melanie is a ball of fun, confident and so very entertaining. Loves children and children love her!

Fully First Aid, CPR & SCARS certified. Has own transportation. 

Care is fully committed to the capture of the amazing spirits skills of young Bermudians preparing for careers  in childcare or education.  Meet some of our next generation educators and leaders!   

Natalie (Student Rate)

Senior High School (BHS) student Natalie joins us this summer as an on call Sitter  Au Pair able to fully support the vacationing family that simply wants "another pair of hands". 

Full of energy,  a very strong swimmer and an outstanding student, Natalie helps vacationing parents relax a bit and confident that the kids are in the best hands having a ton of fun!    Natalie shares her time, talents and amazing personality with a number of charities on island, has demonstrated leadership skills beyond her years and is genuinely a true pleasure to be around!  Your kids will love her! 

This summer Natalie will spend 2 weeks pursuing her Duke of Edinburgh GOLD award in Zambia, but otherwise available fully to make sure our families enjoy all that is Bermuda. 

Fully First Aid, CPR & SCARS certified.   Has own transportation.    Most recently qualified as a Certified Tourism Ambassador! 

Nyree B.

Mature, focused future educator studying Early Childhood education at Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario.  

Holds extensive training and experience as Sitter having worked for the Rosewood brand for previous summers.  Has further worked as a teacher's assistant at a number of local preschools. 

Fully First Aid, CPR & Scars certified.  Has own transportation. 

Available for longer term teacher assistant and au pair summer engagements.  

Ritica B. 

University Student studying Elementary Education at Kean University, New Jersey, USA available for au pair or on call placement as of 20 June, 2019. 

Fully First Aid, CPR & SCARS certified. Has own transportation.  

Been with Care for 2 years during school breaks.    Excellent references. 

Shakeela S. 

University Student studying Elementary Education at Mt. St. Vincent University, Halifax, Canada available for au pair or on call placement as of 20 May, 2019. 

Fully First Aid, CPR & SCARS certified. Has own transportation.  

Been with Care for 2 years during school breaks. Excellent references. 

Care Management / Nanny Support Resources 


Kami takes care of the on call sitter program of [email protected] Services and is your go-to-girl with any questions about any of our available sitters and nannies!

Kami can be reached directly at [email protected] or via telephone 295 2273 during standard operating hours 8:30am to 4:30pm M-F. Best way to contact afterhours and during the weekend is via email [email protected]

First Aid / Basic Life Support / SCARS trained.

A mother of 2, Kami is married  and makes her home in Warwick.


Care Coordinator

In addition to her Consultant / Office Manager role under TCGL, Patrice provides back up administrative and on call sitter support to the CAre team.    Patrice is married and makes her home in Devonshire. 

Patrice can be reached directly at [email protected] or at 295 5533.


Lani takes care of the  immigration and Philippines Overseas Authority / employment issues for the client group.    Lani supports the immigration processing / visa procurement and elements of onboarding for Bermuda bound nannies / caregivers.   

Lani can be reached directly at [email protected] or at 824 POEA. 

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